Super Fund*
for Beirut

Now in Phase 2

* Inspired by The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program designed to investigate and clean up sites contaminated with hazardous substances.

Slow Factory is launching a five year plan through its Super Fund to fundraise and strategically distribute funds in support of local, grassroots and independent NGOs on the ground in Beirut first, and eventually around the world working at the intersection of social and environmental justice.

Phase 2: Support Domestic Migrant Workers

September 2020

In partnership with two local organizations, Egna Legna and This is Lebanon, Phase 2 of our Super Fund for Beirut will be supporting domestic migrant workers. Under the Kafala system, domestic migrant workers, who are the main caretakers of many families and homes in Lebanon, are completely stripped of their human rights including access to their passports and their freedom. Following the explosion, thousands were abandoned by their employers without permission to return to their home country.

Phase 2 Goals:

  • Pressure the Lebanese government to abolish the Kafala System
  • Help repatriate migrant workers to their home country
  • Provide humanitarian relief for migrant workers

“All migrant domestic workers are excluded from the Lebanese Labour Law and are governed instead by the Kafala system, which ties the legal residency of the worker to the contractual relationship with the employer.” — Amnesty International

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About Egna Legna

Egna Legna is a secular and apolitical community-based organization working on migrant domestic workers’ issues and women’s issues in Lebanon and Ethiopia. Led by Ethiopian feminist women seeking to support their community, they fight against the injustices of Kafala, gender-based violence and the exploitation of adolescent labour.

About This Is Lebanon

This Is Lebanon is run by a coalition of former migrant workers and activists demanding the protection of migrant domestic workers, and an end to labour exploitation and abuse. They aim to inform domestic workers of their rights and support their access to justice while advocating and campaigning to effectively end the Kafala System.

Phase 1: United for Lebanese Creatives

August 15 - September 9

  • Phase Duration: 25 days
  • Funds Raised: $47,436.90

The designers and creatives whose showrooms and studios are located in the epicentre of the damaged area are now struggling to survive. In a single moment, their livelihoods, life achievements and businesses disappeared. A first focus of Super Fund will be this important sector who is receiving no other aid, and is a reflection of Lebanon’s unique culture and a vital industry supporting livelihood and employment. Supporting:

  • Alexandra Hakim
  • Andrea Wazen
  • Atelier Nawbar
  • Aura Headpieces
  • Azzi And Osta
  • Bazaza
  • Boyfriend The Brand
  • Daniele Kiridjian
  • Diane Ferjane
  • Emergency Room
  • George Saade
  • Gray Gardens
  • Hass Idriss
  • Jessica K
  • Krikor Jabotian
  • La Terre Est Folle
  • Lara Khoury
  • Larishka
  • Margherita
  • Mariane Bechara
  • Mellow
  • Mira Hayek
  • Missak Hajavedikian
  • Passe Ta Gomme
  • Roni Helou
  • Sandra Mansour
  • Sara Melki
  • Sara Mrad
  • Sarah’s Bag
  • The Slow
  • Thym
  • Timi Hayek
  • Vanina
  • Yassmin Saleh

For donations over $2000, please contact

The Super Fund’s mission is to reconcile social and environmental justice in the fashion industry and beyond through a series of education initiatives we will be launching here in the next months to come as well as a deployment of emergency relief funds for Beirut.

Super Fund is inviting both the public and corporate industries to support our 501c3 tax-deductible environmental and social justice non-profit organization.

We design systems, frameworks and infrastructure centered on equity, justice and climate positivity that reconstruct the fashion industry and all the industries included under the umbrella of the fashion industry: such as agriculture, mining, transportation, manufacturing, fossil fuels, retail and consumer products.