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Brands Solidarity

Equity-Centered Education for Black, Brown, Indigenous and minority ethnic communities taught by Black, Brown, Indigenous and minority ethnic scholars, thinkers and educators

Equity-Centered Education: education that acknowledges power structures and historical social context as a key driver of any topic. Focusing on free and open accessibility, ECE initiatives are typically offered without academic admission requirements and distributed online. Open education broadens access to learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems or corporate programs that are inaccessible to most people.


In April 2020, Slow Factory hosted a 4-part “crash course” in Sustainability Literacy. We annouced on a Monday, and on Friday 1,500 people tuned in, engaged and learned about sustainability at the intersection of environmental and social justice.

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We are fundraising to allow us to run community-centric Open Education programs taught in collaboration with Teju Adisa-Farar, Maytha Alhassen, Hawa Arsala, Aja Barber, Tahirah Hairston, Sophia Li, Korina Emmerich, Nicole Mclaughlin, Ibada Wadud, Céline Semaan and the Slow Factory team of experts. This initiative is part of our core mission at Slow Factory Foundation.

Launching to the public in September 2020 — the fund will be supporting the instructors to build and teach the curriculum to participants.

Brands, It’s Time to Support Equity-Centered Education

Help us bridge the gap between intention and action through Slow Factory’s open, equity-centered education

Diversity and inclusion training and unconscious racial bias workshops are a good start but they’re just not enough. Real, lasting changes require long-term engagement on these issues.

It’s time to defund your marketing budgets and support us in dismantling systems of oppression and amplifying the voices of Black, Brown, Indigenous and minority ethnic scholars, thinkers and educators through education.

Contributions of $5000 and over will be recognized with public thanks during the programs.

For larger commitments and direct involvement, please get in touch:

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